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  • Access to the most comprehensive business, marketing and automation course with over 100+ in-depth, easy to follow lessons to launch your online products or digital business (even for a COMPLETE NEWBIE to the online world). This course is literally a step by step walk through of how and what to do. 

  • Lifetime access to the course, + my freebies, including future updates & community support with absolutely no monthly fees or charges. No hidden upsells here. 

  • A done for you digital product. If you need to noodle on what to sell first or want to enter the digital marketing world ASAP without delay while you learn- you will own access to THE best automation course which you can rebrand and sell on any platform digital product for 100% profit. This profit ALWAYS and forever goes directly to you  - because the course becomes 100% YOURS. 

  • BONUS! Access to additional digital products: reels, sales copy and content which will be sent via Google link for you to copy/paste into your own drive and Canva library to be rebranded and sold as your own products on any platform. 

Absolutely NO UPSELLS, ever. One up-front price and the product is yours.

A Little Bit About Me!

Welcome to my nook of the web! I'm Jennifer Leigh, a functional nutritionist turned mom'preneur.  In 2009, I founded my 1:1 holistic nutrition practice and later transitioned it into the digital realm. When I launched my first digital course in 2011 (long before "eProducts" were an industry standard) my intention was less on "digital marketing" and more focused on easier access to information so many women needed and wantedDespite the lack of a clear strategy, I organically grew my following to about 40k. I did not really know what the heck I was doing other than trusting my gut and showing up authentically. Coaches in the wellness space were consistently inboxing me to ask "how did you grow like this?", "can you help me get clients online?", "what is the secret to gaining followers?", "will you work with me to teach me how you've done this?"  etc. but being a business coach for other coaches was never my jam and I didn't feel skilled or inspired to teach "online marketing". My heart and soul was (and still remains) in functional nutrition coaching. So why am I selling an online digital marketing course?


Navigating the digital landscape back then (and now), I invested in various courses (B School, and just about any "Online Course/Wealth Academy" you may find) and while they provided value,  none offered the whole of what I needed. NONE of these paid courses offered an opportunity for me to use any content as my own, or walked me through the digital space A-Z (despite the thousand dollar price tags). To boot - if you have been online for longer than 5 seconds you see that the digital space changes so dang fast! By the time I grasped something, it seemed to change :/


When I became a momma at 37, my business took a backseat. Over the last 9 years, being a momma (now x3) has become my number one priority, and blessing. I have watched the online space shift and change tremendously. No longer an active "online business" just a busy mom scrolling in the wee-hours searching for quiet time and sanity.


About 3 months ago, I made a decision to re-certify back into my functional nutrition field and once again direct my business in the online space. I learned very fast that the mom version of me has FAR less time to dedicate to content creation- I can't even imagine someone completely new to the space. It felt like I was looking through a clear glass of HUGE opportunity not knowing exactly how to break in. I came across a game-changing digital marketing course, but initially I waited and watched. After seeing success after success, I made an impulsive purchase for $88 in October (I decided to break up the one time $497 payment) to give it a shot.


To say the course has redefined my approach entirely is an understatement and automates the learning of everything A-Z about this “new digital world”.  I am still learning and growing, but in under 2 months I have exceeded 10K organic followers on Instagram, returned my investment multiple times and watched my peers go through tremendous digital (and financial) growth. Life changing doesn't even describe what I have witnessed first hand.


I created The Compass eCourse to heartfully answer all of the DM’s from fellow coaches asking  “how can I break into the online coaching world/how can I create an eCourse/product etc."  I condensed my many years of digital marketing experience, business training, digital marketing and knowledge WITH this comprehensive course, plus included the Master Resell Rights so you can have a digital product to add to your suite from the gate (should you want to sell it). This course isn't just about making money; it's about empowering moms and women to achieve their dreams. Those dreams can be launching an online coaching business, selling e-products, starting a social page, or earning extra income. Sometimes we NEED someone to hold our hand and say “You got this!!!”


Start here, thats my best advice. The Compass eCourse was designed to guide you step by step, to always know you are heading in the right direction! I do hope you join me on this journey, please reach out if you have any questions. Let's grow together in the vast world of digital marketing. I'm here to support and cheer you on!


So much love,

Jennifer Leigh

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What REAL Community Members Are Saying...

Shonae M.

...the content within is priceless!! For the price you get so much more. It’s straight forward teaching you step by step how to create or upscale any kind of business or even multiple streams of income passively. I love this as it has begun giving me more time with my daughter. Prior to doing the course I had no experience whatsoever in business or marketing nothing to now being so confident in teaching others how to create a passive side income. Highly recommended!!!

Danielle K. 

I bought this course about a month a go now, I wasn’t sure what to expect after buying lots of business courses before and they didn’t teach me much. This though, was a complete game changer! I implemented the strategies I learned into my mental health business and seen so much sales! I hadn’t had a sale in a few weeks. I highly recommend the roadmap for anyone who wants to grow a business online!”



I've learned more than I have in the last 3 years of my life. I have experience in marketing, but what I've learned in this course is AMAZING and MIND-BLOWING. I've gained extensive business knowledge and, more importantly, about myself. I've had to leave so many comfort zones I didn't even know I had. I am incredibly grateful to be on this journey, especially with this community. Everyone is always really helpful, and it makes things SO much easier. THANK YOU!

What clients say about my mentorship...

Stacy H.

When I started working with Jen I was in a transition in my life. I found her and decided she was the person to help me. Working with her was inspirational, motivational and she was my biggest fan. I would recommend anyone to work with her, she is definitely the person you want in your corner.

Alana H. 

This program is what added that 'spark' to my passions, really kick started my path and working with Jennifer has made the biggest impact on my progress, hands down.

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