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The Thyroid Makeover

Imitated and never duplicated, my pioneer eCourse takes a top to bottom approach to balance your thyroid health. Launched in 2011, there is still no course out there like this one. This multi-modality course is self-paced, science focused, lifestyle-led and covers root cause evaluations focusing on what you NEED to know about thyroid testing, the microbiome connection, kicking sugar, gluten, bio-identical hormones, functional testing, supplements, and so much more. Together we examine the root cause of your imbalances and take actionable steps to harmonize your hormones. *A variety of functional testing is available only through this course.

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Do you know the average American consumes X amount of sugar each year? Kick sugar with this super charged eBook loaded with natures's sweet sides, smoothies & sweet treats to satisfy and crush your cravings. *Access to my signature Kick the Sugar Habit class is available through this eBook

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Day-to-Day Healthy Cooking

Main courses, side dishes and dressings to inspire your Healthy Plate!

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I’ve always held the belief that food changes everything.

As a functional nutrition coach, we look at the whole of you: nutritional guidance targeted at the bio-individual needs for your body.

I believe balanced hormones are key to feeling your most vibrant self, and addressing the root cause of dis-ease to make the most profound and lasting changes on your health. 

My courses will help you examine all that feeds your life and improve your relationship with food. 

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The Thyroid, Fertility and Hormones Podcast. 

Tune in. Take action. Repeat. Each weekly episode will be jam packed with inspiration to reclaim your hormonal health. In this fast paced life, my podcasts will motivate, educate and guide you to thrive. Fertility, thyroid health, perimenopause...


 "If you have health issues, weight issues or simply want a healthier life style – Jennifer is the person I want in my life."


"When I was first enrolled in Jennifer’s program, I weighed 264 lbs… I am now at 150 lbs!"


 "After working with Jennifer my taste in food has really changed… something wonderful!"



Resources for finding your hormone balance!

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#1 Step to Supporting Thyroid Health

Aug 08, 2015

#1 Step to Supporting Thyroid Health

Aug 08, 2015

#1 Step to Supporting Thyroid Health

Aug 08, 2015